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Better Together Learning Lab

Some days are exhilarating and romantic, and others are filled with frustrations and conflict. You wonder why she doesn’t hear your feelings about that particular topic. And why does he ramble on… and... on... never getting to the point in the conversation? Our Enneagram Types come into play in our most intimate relationships, and can help to answer the question, “Why does she do what she does?” and “Why does he do what he does?” while also shedding light on our personal motivation.

Whether you’ve been married a few decades or you’re in a new relationship, exploring the Enneagram as a couple will launch you into a whole new world of understanding, developing compassion for one another and strengthening your relationship.

Want to know what it feels like to be “Better Together” with your partner? Looking for a way to enhance your relationship through acceptance, love and just plain fun? Join us for this daytime workshop - Better Together, a learning lab - for couples at any point in your relationship journey.