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Better Together Weekend Retreat

You’re at the Better Together weekend retreat at Aspen Grove Lodge, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and newly budding aspen trees. Chances are, you and your partner just finished an enlightening conversation that provided breakthrough in that never-ending conflict cycle. Because of how your Enneagram Types interact, you are better able to answer the question, “Why does she do what she does?” and “Why does he do what he does?” while also shedding light on your personal motivation.

You fall asleep that night in your private bedroom - complete with rustic log furniture - with a deeper awareness of what makes you tick and what ticks you off, and how that impacts your most intimate relationship.

Whether you’ve been married a few decades or you’re in a new relationship, exploring the Enneagram as a couple will launch you into a whole new world of understanding, developing compassion for one another and strengthening your relationship.

Want to know what it feels like to be “Better Together” with your partner? Looking for a way to enhance your relationship through acceptance, love and just plain fun? Join us for this getaway in the mountains - Better Together, a weekend retreat - for couples at any point in your relationship journey. This weekend retreat includes lodging, meals and coaching, in addition to the workshop elements.