What people are saying:

Coaching and consulting helped me to realize more of who I am and what I want to do in life. Offering insight and wisdom, care and compassion, this helping relationship has been invaluable to me!   

-Stephen G.

One of the encouraging things for me in our coaching relationship was Amber's ability to relate to me. With a gentle smile, laugh or nod of affirmation, Amber showed me that she was tracking with me and my experience. Her affirmation of my person helped me to better receive her questions, counsel and words. I am very grateful for the time that we spent together.   

-Katie K.

Everyone on the team had an equal voice. The facilitators talked or intervened only as much as was necessary and led us to the heart of what needed to be discussed. Thank you for pulling together something so valuable for our team!

-Anonymous member of Project ACCESS team

I was having a lost moment and I couldn't get my head on straight. I called Yemi and we met up for a coaching session. He asked some great questions and affirmed me in the midst of my self-doubt. I left our time with direction, encouragement and hope!

-Karen M.

The most wonderful thing about the coaching relationship has been practicing the discussion topics & new self-awareness through action steps. I tend to get overwhelmed with the stuff of life and can therefore become stuck quite easily. It was fantastic to put these abstract concepts into bite-size steps. Thank you!   

-Leeza F.

The Enneagram Edge workshop provided a clear overview of the nine personality types and helped me better understand how I am wired and motivated. I especially benefited from learning about integration and disintegration, exploring paths for growth, and using the Enneagram tool to build healthy relationships. I left eager to learn more.

-Nancy E.